Food Hygiene App

Eating out? Getting food in? Find out if a restaurant, takeaway or food shop you want to visit has good food hygiene standards.

Every UK Food Establishment undergoes a Local Authority Hygiene Inspection. This App allows you to access that information, so you can make an informed decision we to which establishment you'd like to use.

Digital Marketing

Affordable. Measurable.

Our Digital Marketing Offering:

Effective. Measurable. A Quality Service.

Marketing Strategy Document –

  • A review of current strategies
  • Plans and targets for Social Media
  • Pay-per-Click Campaign details (incl targets)
  • Re-Marketing campaign details (incl targets)


  • Website Content and Structure review
  • Keyword Identification
  • Website Performance
  • Social Media Integration

Pay per Click –

  • Multi-campaign PPC strategy
  • “One-off” or occasional campaigns
  • Budget Management

Monthly Review –

  • Review and Report
  • Targets against Actuals (with Targets re-work)
  • Strategy Effectiveness
  • Recomendations and Actions

Social Media –

  • Multiple Platforms
  • Account Setup
  • Manangement of Posts
  • Manangement of Events
  • Building of Online Presence & Brand Awareness

Re-Marketing –

  • Multi-Channel
  • Website cookies (to produce relevant Ads)
  • Ad Management
  • Budget Mamangement


  • All Inclusive Package
  • £ 598 /Month
  • Set-Up


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