Food Hygiene App

Eating out? Getting food in? Find out if a restaurant, takeaway or food shop you want to visit has good food hygiene standards.

Every UK Food Establishment undergoes a Local Authority Hygiene Inspection. This App allows you to access that information, so you can make an informed decision we to which establishment you'd like to use.

Apps for Business

If your Business isn’t Mobile … it’s not going anywhere

Why should you be considering Mobile?

Take a look at how your Customers are accessing the Internet

Most popular Devices used to search the Internet

91 %


47 %


80 %


37 %

Games Console

Some Emerging Devices used to search the Internet

34 %

Smart TV

7 %

Smart Wristband

9 %


2 %


The Benefits of Mobile Solutions

We know Excellent Customer Service is at the heart of every successful business.

Enrich your customers experience with a well designed Mobile App and Website.

Customer Retention

By continuing to engage and inform your customers, you help to ensure they will return to your business. Time and time again.

Customer Service

Increase your level of Customer Service

Supply accessible and useful information about your goods and services as well as about your business.

Make communication between your customers and your business easy and effective

Increased Sale Value

If your customers are informed, educated and comfortable with your business, if doing business with you is an enjoyable and memorable experience, they are more likely to increase the amount of business they do with you.

Effective Marketing

The fact is, if you want to reach anybody online these days, it has to be done via Mobile. It’s absolutely critical you have a Mobile Responsive Website, and a Mobile App completes the Marketing Package.

Would you like to learn more?

Call us today to discover how a well designed mobile solution could benefit your business

Our Mobile Solutions

For Businesses of all sizes

We will combine outstanding and stunning design  with a comprehensive and technically excellent range of functions

We will ensure your Mobile App works with your Website and everything integrates with your Social Media

Below is just an example of the sort of functionality we can provide.

Mobile App Features


  • Branded Landing Page
  • About:
    • Your Business
    • Location (incl Maps)
    • Opening Times
    • Contact Information
  • Goods and Services
  • Galleries (Images & Video)
  • Web Links
  • Social Media Integration
  • News & Info
  • General Queries and Feedback forms
  • Event Management
  • Loyalty Schemes (QRCodes etc)
  • Appointment Requests and Reminders
  • Push Notifications
  • Messaging Centre
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Additional Services


  • Collabrative Design
  • Build and Extensive Testing
  • Publish to App Stores
  • App Hosting
  • Content Hosting
  • Content Management
  • Technical Support & Upgrades


Complementary Services


  • Website Design & Build
  • Digital Marketing
    • SEO
    • PPC & AdWords
    • Analytics
    • Social Media Campaigns
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  • Basic
  • £ 78 Monthly
  • Mobile App

    £478 Set Up Fee

    Landing Page

    Branded with your own logos, colours and fonts
    A menu bar and ‘About’ button
    Optional ‘quick access’ buttons can also be included. (Call, Email, Directions)

    About Page

    A description of your Business, with opening times, location and contact information

    Info Page

    Goods and Services you offer

    Galleries Section

    Four categories, 10 images in each

  • Standard
  • £ 89 Monthly
  • Mobile App

    £598 Set Up Fee

    This offering includes everything in the Basic Package plus:


    Up to 20 images in each category

    News,Info & Events

    News and events about your Business
    Link(s) to your Web site and other Web content
    Meetings, Events, Calendars, Timetables

    Social Media Integration

    Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc

    Feedback Forms

    Appointment Requests
    General queries and feedback forms
    Goods and Services odering (no payment)

  • Premium
  • £ 97 Monthly
  • Mobile App

    £797 Set Up Fee

    This offering includes everything in the Standard Package plus:


    Unlimited content

    System Integration

    Integration with Back Office Systems
    Appointment Booking
    Order Status

    You Tube Integration

    Instructional and Educational videos, for example

    Shopping Basket

    Goods & Services Purchase (with payment)

    Push Notifications

    Messaging Centre

All Mobile App Plans Include:

Support by ‘Phone and Email

Design, Build and Test

Publish to App Stores

App Hosting

Content Hosting & Content Management

Technical Support & Upgrades

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The secret to getting ahead, is getting started.

– Mark Twain –

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